Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aqua Adventure

Here we are at Aqua Adventure

We went last month with Theo and Throy and Chloe

There was a Splash Park area

Which was a lot of fun and near where we were sitting

It was especially nice for Throy because he could play there on his own

The park also had a lazy river and water slides

There was also a play structure in the center of the river with toddler slides and more splashing

On the far end of the park was a regular pool about 3-4 feet deep

We rented tubes too for the river and water slides which were fun

Here is Berrin and Throy floating along on the river

We found a nice place to all sit together on beach chairs

We had some snacks and lunch while we were there too

It was a beautiful day, in the water it was nice and cool

So we didn't realize we were getting sun burnt

I even put sun screen on 4 or more times throughout the day

But for weeks afterwards I was peeling. Holly wasn't to bad

But she was red and it hurt a little for a couple of days

I put aloe lotion on her and she was ok, no peeling and it turned tan

This is a entrance to the lazy river, it starts at zero depth and goes to about three feet

The girls spent a lot of time playing there as it was shallow and had lots of room to move around

Later in the day we tried out these little life jackets

We discovered Holly could swim on her own while wearing one. She loved it, and we went around and around the river like this. She had a blast. Joel and I even had a chance to both do some of the water slides. We had a wonderful day. The park was a lot of fun.

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