Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Babysitting LeeLou!

Here we are having a Play date with LeeLou.
After our trip to Disney, LeeLou went on vacation and we had not seen her for weeks.
She had family in town and was about to go on another trip but we were missing her.
One day her Mommy wanted to take there guests to some grown up places so we got to have LeeLou come to our place instead.
The two little princesses were so excited to see each other, and she was simply delightful.
They played so well together. Sharing, taking turns. First was dress-up
Then they played with the princess dolls and the horses.
Everyone lined up to be in the parade. The girls sang and did "Ballet" and the royal ball.
Then it was time for lunch. Yummy home-made Mac and Cheese per Leena and fruit.
Then the girls decided they wanted to run around and play outside
They went on the swings and climbed into the club house
Rode bikes and looked at the garden
They even decided to play a game of musical chairs.
Some baseball and a bean bag toss
and just a lot of fun running around
A ride on the scooter
But before long they decided they wanted to water the plants
It was a beautiful day out
First they just played with the water table, all innocent
Then they went back to musical chairs
I had to sing songs for them
Then they read books, silly girls
But then of course they decided it was bathing suit time and into the water they went.
Lots of pouring and lots of splashing
They had bottles that transfered water to the pool and the sink back and forth,
They had a blast. and when they were all tired out it was back upstairs for some fairies and more dress-up. We had a great afternoon.

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