Friday, September 9, 2011

Granny Visits

While Granny was visiting I didn't take many pictures, I let her and Nana do it. I planned on getting a copy of hers before she left.
Sadly for some reason as I tried to copy the pictures off of her SIM card it broke or got corrupted. We lost them all. I was so upset. We have the card in hopes that Joel might be able to recover them, but I don't know
One of the things we did was go shopping with Nana for a new accordion. There is actually a specialty shop right in Oakland. Holly loved it, but they didn't love her so much. Many of them were antique or super expensive and well she wanted to play them all.
We did end up buying a little miniature one for Holly and Nana found one she liked too that she picked out and they agreed to ship to her back in Florida. On another day we took Holly to the pool.
I really wish we had those pictures as we all took a turn down the water slides. They all did however love swimming Holly enjoyed watching us on the slide and play on some stairs in a new area of the pool. She of course went to play with the trains after swimming before we headed home.

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