Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introduction and History of Shamanism, The Shamans

Shamanism explained by Martha Lucier:

Shamanism (Part 1 of 2)

Healer, Spiritual Practice, No leader / No rules, Travel to other Realities, the use of Plants / Music to access different states of Consciousness (Upper worlds / Lower worlds / Middle world), and Totems.

Shamanism (Part 2 of 2)
Connect People with Nature, and Importance of having a Guide

Video Google
Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History

I believe some of these work to be of shamanic influence but not all. There are some sculptures, drawings, carvings, architecture and buildings that are beyond the Shaman influence even though the idea and knowledge is there. I for one do visit a Shaman once in awhile in times of trouble or to seek advice.

Documentary on the history of shamanism & shamanic practice in various cultures throughout human history.
Shamanism - Part 1
Ritual, Sounds and Plants

Shamanism - Part 2
Binaural, Delta Brain Waves, Out of Body Experience, Drumming, Dancing, Dreams, Drugs, Geometric Designs, Vortex / Spiral, Exploring different Dimension, Breathing Techniques, Subconscious Mind, Improvement, Creativity, and Solutions

Shamanism - Part 3
Astral Projection, Flight, Bird Man, Ancient Civilization Catalhoyuk, After Life, Spirits of the Dead, Spirit World, and the Launch Pad

Shamanism - Part 4
Sound Frequencies, to measure brain wave / activity, Mexico Tiaou Tiwaka, Pyramid of the Sun, and the Aid of Musical Instruments

Shamanism - Part 5
Deep Meditative / Conscious state, Body asleep Mind Awake, Egyptian Pyramids, Ritualistic Music and Dancing. Spirit World, After Life, the Underworld, the Earthly and the Heavens. The Power of the Mind

Shamanism - Part 6
We had the knowledge than what happen? We decided to become dumb or were the secrets kept by the Masters, Rulers, Secret Orders for their own desires. Seek the truth people!

Principal trainer, Susanna Bellini, has spent 20 years evolving unique methods of teaching energy skills to help people to learn and develop safely, quickly and effectively.

The practical skills taught are straightforward and transparent, requiring no special equipment, ritual or belief system to work. The training is based on the fundamental ways in which energy moves and flows in the universe and our methods can be applied easily and seamlessly in any ethos or environment. Bronze Dragon

Modern Shamanism - Susanna Bellini Part 1 of 3
See the Unseen, Feel, Sense, Translator, Medium Communicating with Spirits, Channel, Skills of Interpretation, Past Life, Collective Consciousness, Telepathy, and Complexity in Rituals to get one into an Alter State of Mind

Modern Shamanism - Susanna Bellini Part 2 of 3
A Show rather than Direct Result, Reconnecting with the World, Natural Community, Healing, Belief, Power of the Mind, We are Energy, Unachievable, Achievable, and Focusing your Energy Positively

Modern Shamanism - Susanna Bellini Part 3 of 3
Rituals when you need Convincing, Understanding the Forces, Responsibilities of a Shaman, Near death Experience, Facing Fear, Other Worlds / Dimensions, the Good and Bad. Shamanic Roles in Society, Person of Knowledge, and Energy Forces

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