Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leila Lopez: Miss Universe 2011

Leila Lopes is one name that ring a bell even from the get go. And she did manage to sustain the fans as well as the judges interests until she get what she wants- the crown and the scepter of Miss Universe 2011. She was crowned the 60th Miss Universe by Ximena Navarette at a glittering finale night at Credicard Hall in Sao Paolo Brazil. September 12, 2011.
Here are the winners list:
-Leila Lopez-Angola- Miss Universe 2011
-Olesia Stefanko- Ikraine- First Runner Up
-Priscilla Machado-Brazil- Second Runner Up
-Shamcey Supsup- Philippines- Third Runner Up
-Luo Zilin -China- Fourth Runner Up
Top Ten:
-Scherri-lee Biggs- Australia
-Johanna Solano- Costa Rica
-Laury Thilleman-France
-Laura Goncalves-Portugal
-Sheldry Saez-Panama
Top 16
-Alyssa Campanella- USA
-Vanessa Goncalves-Venezuela
-Viviana Ortiz-Puerto Rico
-Catalina Robayo-Colombia
-Kelly Weekers-Netherlands
-Sheldry Saez-Best National Costume-Panama
-Ronnia Fornstedt-Miss Photogenic-Sweden
-Nikolina Loncar-Miss Congeniality-Montenegro
-Laura Goncalves- Global Fan Vote Winner-Portugal

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