Tuesday, September 13, 2011

News Break: Shamcep Supsup Is Third Runner Up

This is a back to back victory for Philippines. Last year Venus Raj broke more of a decade drought when she brought home the fourth runner-up bacon for crown-hungry Filipinos. This year, Shamcey Supsup even fare better when she decorated a delicious third runner up icing on the cake. A deafening applause was heard everytime Shamcey appeared on stage, she was number two over all in both the gown and the swimwear competetion.
For a while, Pageant Overload thought, the crown is just a stone-throw away when the top five was announced. Shamcey was the only candidate that spoke English and when the scores were flashed on the screen ... she was number 1!
Front runner Malaysia failed to land in the semis, we almost believed the hype. Peru also was beautiful, and their drumbeating machine almost made Pageant Overload a convert. Perrineal favorites like Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Colombia were in the top 16, but failed to make in the magic circle of ten.
Congratulations Shamcey. You made all the Filipinos proud!

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