Saturday, September 3, 2011


A few months back we headed over to Studio Grow for a concertIts a great place for that kind of thing because Holly is so comfortable thereThe band playing was Octapretzles which is a pretty cool groupHolly spent a good deal of time listening and dancingMost of the songs though were ones she didn't knowBut they were rather engaging so she followed alongFor a while, but then she needed to run off and get some spaceShe could run off and play and come back and listen some moreI did my best to get her to stay thoughBut she wanted to do art and ride the Roller CoasterThen she danced around in the Ballet roomDaddy was with us which is always super funHere she is paintingAnd then she decided to check out the blocksBut she goes back and forth a lot from one activity to the nextWe always have fun making cool hand printsWe wanted to bring her to this show because she has had problems with other shows in the pastShe actually did really good at this show, but there was not a stage and no seatsSo it was less intimidating, but still she needed to pay attentionAnd that was a challenge

Here we are practicing our gymnastics, doing somersaultsThen we decided to play with some MonkeysShe got to stack them and line them all upI can't however remember when we last went to Studio GrowIt has been several monthsWe have had such a busy summer and so many other places to goMy winter pass expiredI also think Holly is sort of out growing itBut we should go again soon as the distance always makes it fun againHere is Holly playing super Bunny, one of her favorite gamesFlying through the air and speeding around. We had an awesome day.

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