Saturday, September 10, 2011

Violent Protesters Attacked Israeli Embassy Building in Cairo, Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt – At least 163 people were reported as injured when apparently calm protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square turned into a violent crowd that attacked on the Israeli Embassy on Friday (September 09).

Protesters set fire to a police truck outside the Israeli embassy

Reportedly, thousands of protesters who gathered to object to military rule in Egypt went on to attack the perimeter of Israel's diplomatic presence in their country.

The 21-storey residential building attacked by protesters was just about 3 Km away from Tahrir Square. A recently built 12-foot concrete wall, built last week to protect the embassy, was knocked down by the violent mob. At least two protesters scale the front of the building to pull down the Israeli flag hanging from the 20th floor, a repeat performance from last month.

Protesters also clashed with police and set fire to a police truck outside the embassy. Crowds tried to attack a nearby police station but were turned back by the military.

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