Monday, October 31, 2011

3 Son of Bob Marley's Explore Africa with Ducati

Three sons of legendary singer Bob Marley had a unique way to commemorate his beloved father. Flashback was done all three with a long journey to their ancestral lands in Africa. Ducati Multistrada was chosen as they explore the African mounts.

Marley Africa Roadtrip was followed by three sons of Bob Marley Ziggy Marley, Rohan Marley and Robbie Marley to search for family roots and the music of their father in Africa.

In addition, the road trip was inspired by a trip to explore the continent their fathers 30 years ago to perform at a concert celebration of freedom in Zimbabwe and will be broadcast on Discovery World channel on 2 November.

On the trip, led by the eldest son of Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, the three will actually blend in with the region's population that they will pass. To sleep all three will shelter and camped together with local residents.

That's according to all three are useful, other than to get closer to African culture, but also useful to explore the musical taste of the original continent.

Ducati Multistrada itself equipped with a capacity of 1200 cc powerful force capable of spraying up to 150 hp at 9250 rpm and torque of 118.7 Nm at 7500 rpm, this motor would be enough to scare opponents on the road.

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