Sunday, October 9, 2011

After 10 years, Harry wants his son (Part 1)

How do I tell my wife that our adorable 10-year-old son, Kelvin, is not my biological son? That is not all; his father also desperately wants him. The truth is that he was conceived in deceit and lies. This was what happened.

I got married to my loving and caring wife, Joy 13 years ago. We got married earlier than planned because she got pregnant and her family insisted that we must get married before the pregnancy becomes obvious so that she would not bring disgrace and shame to them. So we did our registry and traditional wedding and to be honest, we lived very happily. I love and adore my wife so much. In fact, she means the world to me because she stood by me when I was nobody. Thank God today I am the chief executive officer of my company and she is a full-time housewife. Before I stray, Joy gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom we named Junior. We loved and adored him so much, but our joy of being parents was cut short.

He died exactly the day he was six months. Joy had resumed work after her maternity leave and because we did not want a house help or nanny, she takes him to the day care not too far from her office and picks him up after work every day. But during her lunch break, she goes over to check on him and make sure he was alright. But on that fateful day, she received a phone call from the day care that Junior was very sick. She rushed down there, took him to the hospital but a few hours later, he died. Joy was so devastated. She blamed herself for not taking good care of our son.

“I could have just stopped working and taken good care of my son. God, please forgive me,” she cried. For months, I tried to console Joy but she was depressed and inconsolable. “My dear don’t worry we will make other babies. God knows why it happened this way,” I assured her. She finally became herself but kept insisting on making babies as soon as possible. We tried for more than a year but Joy never got pregnant even for a single minute and this gave us sleepless nights. It even became worse because my mother was always talking about carrying her grandchildren before she dies.

So I decided to see Dr. Doyin, my friend who is a medical doctor. He advised that we both undergo some test. “Jack, I will advise that you both undergo some medical test, then, we will take it up from there.” He called me a week later and asked us to see him as soon as possible. When we got there, he told us, “Jack and Joy from the test conducted there is nothing medically wrong with both of you. I will only advise that you keep praying and waiting on God.” “How long will we wait? My baby died almost two years ago and since then I have not taken in, not even for a day. I am tired, I need a child,” Joy lamented. I looked at my wife weeping and I was so moved. I saw the pains of a woman who desperately needs a child to call her own and also to please my mother.

I was so touched and I knew I had to do something fast before she gets more depressed about not having a child; I consoled and assured her that all will soon be well. Immediately we got out of the hospital gate, I received a text message from Dr. Doyin that I must see him later that evening for an important discussion. I kept wondering what the problem was but I kept my fingers crossed. When I saw Dr. Doyin that evening, he told me I had a medical problem but as a friend, he did not want to disclose it in the presence of my wife that was why he sent the text message. “Jack I am afraid your test’s result is not good at all but I did not want to tell you in the presence of your wife. You have low sperm count (Oligozoospermia),” he said.

“How come, are you telling me that I will never become a father?” I asked. He assured me that my sperm count could be boosted with some drugs but that would take some time. “We can boost your sperm with some drugs. However, if the drugs must work effectively, Jack you must take the drugs at the appropriate time. No misses,” Dr. Doyin emphasised. “How long would the treatment last?” I asked. He just told me with time everything will be alright but he would advise that I start treatment immediately. Joy was so depressed and each time I looked at my once cheerful wife, I just wished I could tell her I am the cause of our inability to have children but I couldn’t. I knew how desperate we both want children so I had to hatch up a plan.

Readers, you may hate me for this but at that time, this was the only solution I could think of to end our problems while I continue with my treatment. So, I met with Harry, my best friend, and pleaded with him to get my wife pregnant. At first he refused and called me all sorts of names. But when I offered to reward him with the sum of N500, 000 he had a rethink. “Jack, I will do it because you’re my best friend and not because of the money. What do I have to lose after all I am not yet married? But how will you convince her to sleep with me?” he asked. “You just leave that to me. I have everything worked out,” I told him.

Find out what happened next week.

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