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Ashlea Moor: Miss Earth Canada 2011

24 years old Canadian beauty Ashlea moor was recently crowned Miss Earth Canada 2011 and is going to compete in the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011. It was originally scheduled to be held at the Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. However the pageant organizers decided to move the pageant back to the Philippines due to the Massive flooding in Thailand.
Ashlea Moor,Miss Earth Canada 2011

Moor says of her victory in Montreal in August against 19 other girls, "Everybody can do small things to make a difference, Small steps make a huge difference. It still has not sunk in, I am still so excited."

Ashlea Moor,Miss Earth 2011 Contestant,miss earth 2011
A seasoned public speaker and representative, Ashlea has travelled provincially,
nationally, and internationally representing her various pageant titles and promoting her platform of environmental awareness. As Miss Earth Canada 2011 Ashlea embodies the mission statement of the Miss Earth Canada Pageant:

"Miss Earth CANADA’s mission is to promote environmental awareness among the youth and raise the quality of their involvement. To inform and educate everyone about ecological balance and preservation of the planet through evolving knowledge and communications. To be an instrument of change for the betterment of this planet."

Ashlea Moor,Forest Warriors
When asked what is your environmental advocacy, Ashlea replied, "All ecological
issues that we currently face are equally important and cumulatively combine to
create the state of our environment and consequently our health as well. On the whole there is a general lack of perspective regarding environmental concerns and how we can grow and change as a global society to mitigate them holistically. As a
Registered Nurse I recognize the vital connection between our environment, education, and health, which is a principal factor as to why I am passionate about advocating for environmental issues. I believe that personalizing the environmental-health connection with meaningful education is fundamental in initializing sustainable change on an individual, societal, and global scale. In working towards this goal I founded the "Go Green Initiative" program to compel others to commit to making small changes which ultimately contribute to a positive and profound difference for our environment.

miss earth canada 2011,miss canada 2011,ashleamoor

Ashlea Moor's Profile:

Ashlea Moor profile,Ashlea Moor biography

NAME Ashlea Moor
AGE 24 years
HEIGHT 179 cm
WEIGHT 54 kg
VITAL STATISTICS (in inches) 34-24-34
HOME TOWN Lethbridge
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Bachelor of nursing degree with distinction from the University of Lethbridge (2009)
PROFESSION a Registered Nurse and a Model
PREVIOUS PAGEANT AWARDS Miss Alberta Galaxy 2010
Miss Earth Canada Finalist 2009
Miss Earth Canada Finalist 2009
Miss Sun and Salsa 2009
Miss Teen Kent County 2004
Miss Teen Chatham 2003
AWARDS Miss Earth Canada 2011

AshleaMoor,AshleaMoor miss earth canada 2011

Ashlea Moor’s Photo Gallery:

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Ashlea Moor,miss earth canada 2011

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