Friday, October 7, 2011

Florida Trip

So I know it has been about 6 weeks and I am just getting to these Florida pictures. in my defense it has been really crazy since we have gotten home.
Also while we were in Florida I did post a lot of pictures of the trip in real time for Daddy. So these are just a few posts worth that I had left out.
Here we are waiting at the airport to go. Holly actually loved riding the Airplane and now whenever she sees or hears one in the sky she says she wants to go to the airport so she can go to Florida to see Oma and Opa
She was actually really well behaved. We took a short flight to LA and then hung out at the airport, and then a long flight to Tampa, we called that the big airplane and she "slept" on the big plane
This is her when we landed, and her trying to stay asleep as the plane began to unload. It was very early in the morning so she was resistant
We got ourselves home and settled in and Holly wanted to play Hockey with Opa.
Remembering back we stopped for breakfast on the way home and then unpacked for a while and took a break to play. But eventually we ended up napping as we were exhausted.
After Nap Holly and Opa played. She wanted to show him her Snow White dress, who was her favorite at the time.
It was so much fun to see little princess Snow White playing and dancing with her Opa
They went to the Royal Ball Together and also did some Ballet
Holly taught Opa all her best princess moves!
We had a lot of fun hanging out in Florida and over the next few days you will see some pics from our trip, lots of swimming and even a fun Children's museum.
Here are some pictures Holly took, of the important things!

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