Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kimma Wreh: The Queen of Brides

Kimma Wreh is the brain behind TeKay Designs. Her clothing line has been designing ethnic formal wear and bridal gowns for over 15 years.
Kimma has been approached by more and more brides who want to return to their roots to feel connected to their heritage. In 1996, she began her business in producing authentic ethnic fashion for brides in the western world.
She does not only design gowns, she also creates a complete set of ladies dresses and formal menswear tailored for the bridal party.
According to Kimma, " In the world of ethnic fashions, brides are investing into something more than a dress. The ethnic fashions display their identity, so this becomes a theme for the entire wedding. Ethnic fabrics and symbols are often used to accessorize theme weddings and leave a lasting impression. Ethnic accessories such as bouquets, headpieces or sashes are used to compliment the bridesmaids and flower girl's attire.  The groom's outfit is usually colour coordinated with the bride's wedding gown. A common ethnic trend worn by groomsmen is the sleeveless agbada suit sometimes worn with a kente shoulder-wrap, hat, handkerchief or tie.  Ethnic couples are investing into something that represents their family history; and must transcend down through future generations. Cultural pride is a value that you can't put a price on."

Here are some of her designs:

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