Monday, October 10, 2011

Kobe Japanese, Yum!

One night while in Florida we decided to go to Kobe Japanese for Dinner. It is a Hibachi place
They cook at the table. I was a little nervous to bring Holly there but thought it might be fun
and worth a try. She loved the Koi pond, and they even gave her some food for the fish
For the most part she enjoyed the dinner. She was pretty entertained for most of it.
There was one section however when there was pretty much a wall of flame across the stove top.
She didn't mind the flame so much however there was a gush of heat and that was unexpected
She got pretty scared and we had to back away fro the table like three feet. But she didn't cry
She was pretty weary for a while and we had to take a break with the fish, but she came back
and really enjoyed the rest of the show. There was some egg spinning and a few neat chops
She liked the Flaming Volcano he built with the onions, it didn't produce that much heat
So it wasn't too overwhelming. The food was delicious too, There was also a ton of it.
I hoped Holly would eat the yummy garlic noodles, but she didn't want to try them
We had a wonderful dinner, and it was a really fun experience.

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