Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Mall

We spent a lot of time shopping while we were in Florida, Holly had a lot of fun
Though her favorite was the Disney store, it is a place we never go
She had a lot of fun playing dress-up, even Opa had fun looking around
This is her new Tinkerbell dress and Fairy wings. She loves them.
Here she is trying on a Rapunzel crown with her long hair.
But I of course love Opa dressed up in his Captain Jack outfit.
We spent a long time walking around and did a lot of shopping for the grown-ups
We went to Penny and Sears for Opa and got him a bunch of shirts
We even stopped at a shop for Mommy to get her a few new clothing items
While we were shopping Holly had a lot of fun dressing up for herself too
As a reward for being so good, we rode the Carousel several times
She loved the Zebra, I think that was her favorite for the day
But we rode on the second level once on a dolphin that she liked because it was so high
and then she wanted to sit together with Mommy in one of the spinning seats
That was really fun as we spun around crazy it was quite a ride
We had a fun day and she was such a trooper
The Mall was nice and cool compared to the 100 degree weather outside. It was a fun day.

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