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Maria Selena: Miss Indonesia 2011 (Miss Universe 2012 contestant)

Maria Selena: Miss Indonesia 2011: Miss Puteri Indonesia 2011: Miss Universe 2012 contestant
Maria Selena,Miss Indonesia 2011,miss indonesia 2011 winner

An Indonesian Beauty, Maria Selena representatives from Central Java has been crowned Miss Indonesia 2011 in the presence of Miss Universe 2011 title holder Leila Lopes at the Grand Final selection Puteri Indonesia 2011 in the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday night 7th October 2011.

miss puteri indonesia 2011,miss puteri 2011,Maria Selena

Maria Selena becomes the representative of Indonesia to attend the biggest beauty pageant Miss Universe 2012.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2012,Leila Lopes, miss universe 2011 winner

As a special guest, Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes congratulated the semifinalists and directly crowned the title for Maria Selena, co wearing a evening dress with colorful textures and pattern that amplify skillfully showing a plump round.

miss puteri indonesia 2011 winner,miss puteri indonesia 2011,miss puteri 2011

Maria Selena chosen by the jury as a reflection of the stature and profile of women in Indonesia who are intelligent, beautiful and insightful.

Nadine Alexandra Dewi

Miss Indonesia 2011 contestants from 33 provinces throughout fight for the position of the most beautiful woman in the archipelago throughout Miss Puteri Indonesia 2011. Competition was much tough because all were much smart and beautiful.

But after a great event Maria Selena beat 37 other finalists from 33 provinces in Indonesia after the 10 day quarantine period as a time of debriefing and assessment based on beauty, brain and behavior. The awarding of the crown by the Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes and shift the position of the previous Miss Indonesia Nadine Alexandra Dewi.

Liza Eilly Purnamasari,Liza Eilly,Liza Purnamasari

Liza Eilly Purnamasari (East Java) is a first runner-up who is crowned Miss Environment and she will compete in Miss Earth 2011 at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011, while Andi Tenri Wrestling Hanum Utari Natassa (South Sulawesi) is a second runner-up who is crowned Miss Tourism Princess who will compete at Miss Asia Pacific World 2012.

Andi Tenri Utari Natassa,Andi Tenri Natassa,Andi Tenri

Selena answered with a straightforward question by the end of the 11 jury chairman of the General Manager of Pt. Mustika Ratu, Amir Hussein, about what support it so it could be her now, "I am grateful for what happens in life, failures teach you the meaning of success to me that lesson every day makes me able to understand about life is more valuable." she said.

Miss International 2012,Miss Asia Pacific World 2012,Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 contestant

Maria Selena said, "I am grateful for my victory and I want to contribute to people socially. I may have to take a break from my studies, but I am willing to take the risk because this victory is my first step. I haven't given becoming a model much thought.
Miss International 2012 contestant Liza Eilly,Liza Eilly Miss International 2012 contestant,Andi Tenri Miss Asia Pacific World 2012

Her victory in the beauty contest Miss Indonesia 2011, Maria Selena entitled to a
number of gifts, including home, office, car, cash and a monthly salary for a year
and officially started its activities as an Ambassador of Puteri Indonesia.

Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 Andi Tenri,Andi Tenri  Miss Tourism


Puteri Indonesia 2011
(Miss Universe Indonesia 2012)
Maria Selena (Central Java)
(Miss International Indonesia 2012)
Liza Elly Purnamasari (East Java)
(Miss Asia Pacific World 2012)
Andi Tenri Gusti Hanum Utari Natassa (South Sulawesi)
THIRD RUNNER-UP Sabrina Chairunissa (North Sumatra)
FOURTH RUNNER-UP Dinda Rizky Hutari (Yogyakarta Special Region)

Favorite Islands' Princesses:

Favorite Princess of Sumatera Nur Rahma Umami
(Bangka-Belitung Islands)
Favorite Princess of Java Rahajeng Sekar Putri (Banten)
Favorite Princess of Lesser
Anak Agung Istri Karina Manik (Bali)
Favorite Princess of Kalimantan Ninggar Ayu Neswari (South Kalimantan)
Favorite Princess of Sulawesi Rizky Fitriyani Rustam (Southeast Sulawesi)
Favorite Princess of Eastern
Audry Gabrielle Marsha Tentua (Maluku)


MISS TALENT Andi Tenri Natassa (south Sulawesi)
Miss Favorite Andi Tenri Natassa (south Sulawesi)
Miss Congeniality Herllyn Paula Mambai (Papua)

Miss Intelligence: Scholarship Award

Miss Intelligence I Asri Silva Shorea (East Kalimantan)
Miss Intelligence II Annisa Putri Ayudya (Jakarta Special Capital Region 2)
Miss Intelligence III Rizky Fitriyani Rustam (Southeast Sulawesi)

Maria Selena's Profile:

Maria Selena,miss indonesia 2011,miss universe 2012 contestant

NAME Maria Selena
BIRTH DATE 24th September, 1990
AGE 21 years
HEIGHT 176 cm
HOME TOWN Semarang
COUNTRY Indonesia
EDUCATION a student of Bandung Institute of Technology
LANGUAGES Indonesian and English
HOBBIES Basketball
AWARDS Miss Indonesia 2011

Credit & Source: wikipedia & PageantMania
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