Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monifa Jansen: Miss World Curacao 2011

Monifa Jansen: Miss World Curacao 2011 (Miss World 2011 Contestant)

Miss Universe International in America decided earlier that Jansen does not meet the age rules set by the organization. So she could not enter the Miss Universe election 2011 because of her age.

According to the Caribische redactie Wereldomroep Aubrey America, the director of the CBO acknowledges the mistake and indicates “that they will do everything to find a good solution for Jansen’s participation."

Monifa Jansen,Miss World Curacao 2011

Now, Monifa Jansen is an official representative of Curacao in Miss World 2011 and she will paint Curacao in Miss World 2011 beauty pageant in London, UK on November 6.

Monifa Jansen,Miss Curacao World 2011

Monifa Jansen's Profile :

Monifa Jansen biography,MonifaJansen profile

NAME Monifa Jansen
BORN March 1993
AGE 18 years
HEIGHT 176 cm
EYE COLOR Dazzling Brown
HOME TOWN Willemstad
LANGUAGES Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish & English
EDUCATION Studying for a degree in International Law at the University of the Maastricht in Europe
HOBBIES All type of dance in particular salsa, ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, meringue and bachata
AMBITIONS TO become a successful Businesswoman
PERSONAL MOTTO If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.
FAVOURITE MUSIC House music and Club mixes
FAVOURITE BOOKS Reading drama and Romance novels
FAVOURITE FOOD Mediterranean and Italian food
SPECIAL TALENTS Singing and entertaining
AWARDS Miss World Curacao 2011

Monifa Jansen's Photo Gallery:

Monifa Jansen in bikini,MonifaJansen in bikini
Monifa Jansen bikini,MonifaJansen bikini
Monifa Jansen in swimsuit,MonifaJansen in swimsuit
Monifa Jansen swimsuit,MonifaJansen swimsuit
  Monifa Jansen in swimswear,MonifaJansen in swimwear
  Monifa Jansen swimwear,MonifaJansen swimwear
Monifa Jansen hot photo,MonifaJansen hot photo
  hot Monifa Jansen,hot MonifaJansen
  hot pic of Monifa Jansen,hot pic of MonifaJansen
Monifa Jansen hot images
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Monifa miss world curacao 2011,miss world 2011 contestant
miss world curacao 2011 Monifa Jansen
Monifa Jansen,miss curacao world 2011

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