Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

So after all of that we decided to go to Berkeley Bowl to actually buy the Pumpkin's I spent 16$ on three where they might have been 60$ at the patch.
At first Holly was super excited about the pumpkin carving, she could not wait to get started
She wanted to give her pumpkin a big hug, so we made sure the had a big one
And we gave the little one to her Baby Coco doll. The Halloween dress she is wearing is a gift
It was made by her granny. It is so cute to have the matchy, matchy dresses.
Yes it is a tank top dress and yes it is October, but today it was so hot I thought we would melt.
It was like 85 at the very least. Even at 8:00 PM we had fans going and windows open
So first things first we sat down and drew faces on our pumpkins
Then it was time to cut off the tops and gut them
This was of course Daddy's job, and Holly waited in anticipation
Then he pulled off the first top and she saw all the stringy guts inside
EWWW Yucky she says and suddenly she is much less excited then she was before
Poor Daddy had three pumpkins to gut. But he was actually having a blast
Holly decided that she wanted a zigzag top on her pumpkin
Daddy kept teasing her with the yucky guts and she did not like them at all
Mommy decided that she wanted a circular top on her pumpkin
Daddy was so silly. Holly Said, No Daddy we don't eat pumpkin guts, not in your mouth.
Silly Daddy. One bowl down and before the night was over we filled a second.
We also got several little pumpkins, Holly wanted to draw and decorate those
Here is Daddy starting on his. this year we both decided to experiment with the two tone carving
Holly was eating some Yummy Mac and Cheese, taking a break. The first real meal she has had in three days after being sick.
But she was more interested in coloring and helping with the pumpkins then eating
Then it was time for us to draw on Holly's Pumpkin, she wanted a Bunny
Daddy helped her draw a big smile and a little nose with eyes and bunny ears
She wanted to look inside and check it out but she wanted to make sure she would not get messy
Once she was satisfied with the picture we got ready to carve
She decided that she wanted to start with the eyes
She had fun pulling out the little pieces after we cut through them
We did most of the cutting together, holding the knife together
Though she wanted to do it much more on her own then I was able to let her
We had a neat carving tool she was able to use to make the whiskers
Though that in fact is really hard to do, you have to press really hard to get it to work
She actually didn't mind touching the bits of curled skin as it shredded off they weren't slimy though
Here are Daddy and Holly's finished pumpkins
I love Daddy's creepy teeth, and Holly's whiskers
Holly was pretty excited about it too.
She even let Daddy's Monster Pumpkin Nibble her arm...
So finally it was Mommy's turn to create her Masterpeice. Yes I was a little too into this.
But Holly said that a pumpkin was supposed to be Cinderella's Carriage and well, I just had to make it for her.
So After several sketches I had my idea and was ready to begin carving.
Originally I was going to turn small pumpkins into wheel and have the big one just be the body
But that was totally over complicating it and not really what I had in mind, so i carved the entire thing into the pumpkin itself.
Here it is! I was really happy with the way it turned out. It will look better with actually candels.
Holly told me she loved my Carraige and I told her I loved her Bunny! It was a really fun night.

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