Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

So we have been sick this weekend, Holly had a fever and though she was mostly in good spirits
She was probably contagious, so we didn't want to take her out on Saturday to go with our friends to the pumpkin patch
It was also about an hour away from our house and Hot and she was getting tired after just about 45 minutes of activity
She was really disappointed and kept asking for the Pumpkin patch so on Sunday we decided to go to the one by our house.
We have been driving by for a few weeks and she has seen the Giant Jumpy Slide and asking to stop for days.
When we drove by and actually stopped she was so excited, the moment we let her out of the car she ran across the field to the slide
Shoes off and climbing up the ladder before we could even make it all the way over to her. She was having a blast.
She was trying to be like the big kids and even a few times almost scared me.
She would do a little bounce before sliding and it totally worried me but she slide down fine.
Some of the big kids were doing scary somersaults, and rolling down, it was crazy
Then she wore herself out and was ready to look at a few Pumpkins
She was really into these small ones in particular the ones without a stem, they were like balls
She kept dropping them and I was worried they might actually splat but none did
It was fun to look around and play with all of the pumpkins but the medium size ones were like twenty dollars each
So then she decided she wanted to take a few minutes in the jumpy house
She jumped up so very high, but she was already wearing herself out
and of course everything was a ticket, three for the house, five for the slide
poor baby is all tuckered out, but alas there was still more to do.
Next she wanted to go into the little petting zoo
There was an adorable little pig who liked her
The duck however was not a fan and although she chased it around
She never did get a chance to pet him.
The rooster was also tricky always stepping just out of reach when she tired
The bunnies were really cute, but Daddy had to pick her up so she could pet them
The goats were really the best, they liked her a lot
They totally let her pet them as much as she wanted.
The sheep were pretty skiddish as well. I think they were all hot
Even though they were in the shade, it was a warm day.
As it got more crowded some of the animals were being sneaky and hiding under the rabbit hutch
Holly was super gentle with them though and had a lot of fun petting everyone
and it was only three tickets to stay inside as long as we liked
At one point she told Daddy he had to go away (He was hovering) and she would stay inside
It was really cute.
Mommy stayed outside too, I didn't want to risk petting anyone with my allergies.
I kind of wish they had some food we could have given them
But they were happy enough
So then we decided to visit the Pony
When we arrived another little girl was riding and Holly said, "My Turn"
We have taken her to three or four Pony rides in the past
as soon as it is her turn she always crys, usually before she even sits on the horse
So we decided to bring her by before getting our seven tickets
Thinking she would be too scared
But look at my girl riding that pony. I am SO PROUD OF HER!
This is her first official Pony ride, and she did so wonderful
Here she is waving at Mommy, I love it.
The woman was really nice too, knowing I was allergic to Horses, she held holly on the seat
So I wouldn;t have to walk around with her. She held on tight and did such a good job and was having a lot of fun
I of course took all together too many pictures, but after so many tries I couldn't help it.
I was so excited for her.
When she was done it was so cute, she came up to me and said, "I Did It"
But alas when it was done she wanted to slide, just ONE more time.
Up the stairs she went
There were a ton of kids, I was proud of her for navigating the chaos so well
She waited till everyone went and then took her turn
She was so tired, taking her sweet time going up those stairs
But each time after she got to the bottom she would hold up her little finger
and say, One more time! We weren't in a rush so we let her go till she was tired and asked to go home.
She slide one more time about ten times before she got completely worn out.
The slide was uper tall too, I think the biggest she has ever been on.
It is definately bigger then Super Franks and Pump It Up, because its outside it looks smaller then it is.
Here she is done. Asking for some water, I think in the end it was more the heat then anything else
We took a moment to pick out a baby pumpkin for her to take home, those were only a dollar
We had a blast, but everything was over priced, after 20$ on tickets for activities I wasn't going to spend 60$ on Pumpkins.
We found one she really liked and then headed out.
She was having trouble making up her mind of course
As we were leaving she waved and said Bye Bye Pumpkins. It was a great afternoon.

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