Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sticky Art Lab

We went to the Sticky Art Lab today, a new play place where you can do arts and crafts

Its right on University in Berkeley. I forgot my camera today so I only got a few pictures with the phone

I didn't get many opportunities though because we were busy doing so many art projects

This was a neat little toy they had where you put cloth between the two pieces of wood and "dressed the doll"

It was one of Holly's favorite things there. Mine was the little art project below. First Holly painted the backgrounds. Blue for the sky, but the "Big Kids" were doing sunsets so then she wanted red.

So the Blue one became mine. Then we used black ink and little straws and blew the ink into patterns. I turned mine into spooky trees on the night sky. Holly did the red one all by herself. She had a lot of fun.

Another project we this necklace. First we used the hot glue gun to paste the fabric around the roll. Then we glued on beads and finally tied the ribbon. Mommy did the glue, Holly said it was too hot.

This project started because Holly was obsessed with cutting these paper ribbons into little squares. We had so many of them and I didn't want to waste them. Also Holly really wanted to use the glue stick so she glued them all over the paper. Then she tried the hot glue gun to decorate.

This last one probably another favorite and supper quick. Cotton stuffing and fabric and then gluing googly eyes. lastly stretchy string tied to a stick. The paraded around holding her ghost scaring everyone. it was a lovely rainy day afternoon.

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