Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I'm still a big fan of Chris Brown" - Rihanna


 Pop star, Rihanna, in a recent interview, revealed that she is no longer angry with ex boyfriend, Chris Brown.

 In 2009, the celebrity lovers went their separate ways when Chris Brown assaulted her in the early hours before the 2009 Grammys.

 However, the singer told Esquire that harbouring resentment towards the R'n'B star 'was taking up way too much of my time.' She even revealed that she's pleased that her ex has found renewed success in his career after the attack tarnished his reputation.

 The 23-year-old said, “It was way too much anger. I'm really excited to see the breakthrough he's had in his career.”

“I really like the music he's putting out. I'm a fan of his stuff. I've always been a fan.” She wishes her ex boyfriend well.

“I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have,” she said.

She covers the November issue of Esquire magazine in a nude photo shoot which would hit the newsstands on October 16, 2011.


Rihanna performing in a colourful set at Glasgow's SECC on Monday night, October 10, 2011

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