Thursday, October 20, 2011

Swimming @ Auntie Janelle's

Here we are over at Auntie Janelle's house taking a dip in her pool. Florida was hot, around 95 or higher each day and Humid
So most days we either stayed safely inside with the AC or we were in a pool. We went swimming three times during the trip, Once over at Karel's house
But I don;t have pictures from that day. We went over with Marilyn and it was a lot of fun.
On this day we invited pat and his daughter Maddy who is also almost two. to join us.
Holly had lots of fun playing with Baby Maddy and she had a load of fun playing with her big cousin Jen
She was obsessed with the stairs and she was playing with some cups and doing a lot of pouring games
She was having a fun time. She was also swimming with the noodle but there pool had a deep end where Mommy could not stand
She kept trying to inch around the edge of the entire pool, but on the far side it was tricky for me to help her along
We had a great time visiting with everyone and having a nice cool swim
After we dried off Holly was excited to dress up in her pretty dress
Jen gave her a pretty barrette for her hair and also let her play with one of her pretty purses
We had a fun visit. Here is Opa settling Holly back into the car, we headed out for dinner with Maddy and her parents.

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