Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visiting in Florida

Here we are on the weekend. Janelle and Jen came over to see Holly and I. Also Granny and Nana drove down from Gainesville for the day.
It was very exciting to have so many doting fans. We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone and Holly loved the attention.
My little princess was happy to play with her crown and her wand, but especially her cousins.
Then she showed her Fairies to Granny and they played together while we all waited to get some yummy lunch.
We decided to play it easy and we ordered pizza for lunch, it was delicious and Holly loves it.
After lunch we had plans to go over to Raquel's house to go swimming. Her daughter Luna is just over two and she has two older girls. She is a neighbor and friend of my parents.
It was great for her to let the whole tribe come over to use the pool. Oma and Janelle didn't go swimming but Opa, Granny, and Nana did. It was a blast. We had a nice visit and a fun day.

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