Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alize Lily Mounter : Miss International England 2012

Alize Lily Mounter | Miss International England 2012 | Miss International 2012

Alize Lily Mounter,AlizeLilyMounter

Alize Lily Mounter from Kensington, London, has been crowned Miss England 2011 at the national finale that was held at the Birmingham Metropole Hotel in Birmingham on July 19, 2011. Alize will represent England in Miss International 2012.

miss england 2011,Alize Lily Mounter

Alize said, "My main dream in life is for my family, close friends and myself to be healthy and happy. I believe you are lucky to be given so many opportunities in life and that you should always grasp these and do as much as possible to reach for your ultimate dreams. This is why my large ambition is to try and do as well as I can in the things that I enjoy. In the future, I would like to become a successful broadcaster in women’s current affairs. Also next year, now I have won the Miss England title I will hopefully successfully complete the London Marathon for charity and really push my limits mentally and physically. Whilst working towards and receiving a very good overall grade in my degree."

Alize Lily Mounter's Profile :

Alize Lily Mounter's profile,Alize Lily Mounter's biography

NAME Alize Lily Mounter
AGE 23 years
HEIGHT 181 cm
WEIGHT 59 kg
SKIN TYPE Mid-Tanned
(in inches)
EYE COLOR Dark Brown
HAIR COLOR Dark Blonde
LANGUAGES English, French and Welsh
EDUCATION Studying Journalism
HOBBIES Dancing, Reading and Play the Piano
FAVOURITE FOOD Sushi and Italian
FAVOURITE BOOKS The Da Vinci Code and PS. I Love You
FAVOURITE MUSIC indie, electro/house, jazz and favourite band is ‘Kings of Leon’
PERSONAL MOTTO Follow your dreams no matter how far out of reach they seem
AWARDS Miss England 2011 and Beach Beauty Miss world 2011 title

alize lily,alizemounter

Alize Lily Mounter’s Photo Gallery :

Alize Lily Mounter in swimwear,Alize Lily Mounter in swimwear, swimwear
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miss england 2011 winner,Alize Lily Mounter
Alize Lily,Alize Mounter
Alize Lily Mounter,miss england 2011

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