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Caroline Medina: Miss Earth Venezuela 2011

Caroline Medina,Miss Earth Venezuela 2011
A Venezuelan beauty Caroline Medina representative of Aragua is an official representative of Venezuela in Miss Earth 2011.

CarolineMedina,miss venezuela earth 2011

Caroline will represent her country Venezuela in the Miss Earth 2011, an Eco Beauty Pageant at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011.

Caroline Medina

When asked what environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why, Caroline replied that I aim to promote Vertical Gardens as an opportunity to turn existing infrastructure into eco-friendly spaces in cities all over the world. It would create new sources of oxygen and would remind people in the cities the value of preserving forests.

Reina Hispanoamericana 2010,carolina medina

When asked what is your environmental advocacy Caroline replied, "To create and promote the creation of Vertical Gardens in my home country and all over the world. I want the world to see that we not only have to preserve our forests, but there is also an urgency in turning cities and concrete infrastructures into spaces that can produce oxygen to enhance people's lives. I want to achieve these through education and through the creation of models to be used in Caracas and copied elsewhere.

carolina medina,Reina Hispanoamericana 2010,carolinamedina

Reina Hispanoamericana Venezuela 2010,carolina medina

carolina medina,Reina Hispanoamericana Venezuela 2010

Caroline Medina's Profile:

caroline medina's profile,caroline medina biography

NAME Caroline Gabriela Medina Peschiutta
BIRTH DATE 27 June, 1992
AGE 19 years
HEIGHT 178 cm
WEIGHT 58 kg
VITAL STATISTICS (in inches) 36-24-36
HAIR COLOR Dark Blonde
COUNTRY Venezuela
AWARDS Miss Earth Venezuela 2011

Caroline Gabriela Medina Peschiutta,carolina medina profile

Caroline Medina’s Photo Gallery:

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Miss Aragua 2010,caroline medina
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caroline medina,miss venezuela
caroline medina,Miss Aragua 2010
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caroline medina,miss earth venezuela 2011

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