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Driely Bennettone: Miss Earth Brazil 2011

Driely Bennettone: Miss Earth Brazil 2011 (Mis Terra Brazil 2011)

The representative from Sao Paulo, Drielly Araujo Bennettone won the Miss Earth Brazil 2011 beauty pageant held title on the Saturday night of September 11, at the Hall Topaz, Minascentro.

driely bennettone,miss earth brazil 2011
Driely Bennettone will represent Brazil in Miss Earth 2011 at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011. It was originally scheduled to be held at the Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. However the pageant organizers decided to move the pageant back to the Philippines due to the Massive flooding in Thailand.

driely bennettone,miss terra brazil 2011
A because of ecological and environmental preservation were the central themes of this year's Miss Earth Brazil. Driely wore a dress made from recycled PET bottles, made by herself, and was the winner in the category costume. "The Ibirapuera Park receives 900,000 visitors a month and there is high production of waste, so I decided to take action and recycle this waste to produce my fantasy," says Miss Sao Paulo.

salcy lima,luisa lopes,janaina barcelos
The other three finalists were given titles that make up, along with the Earth, the four elements of nature: Salcy Lima became Miss Air Brazil, Luisa Lopes became Miss Water Brazil and Janaina Barcelos became Miss Fire Brazil. The finalists won the right to represent Brazil in an international competition for the franchisee Look Top Beauty.

miss terra brazil 2011 winner,Driely Bennettone
When asked what environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why, Driely replied that my project consists of creating regular programs in schools that will involve taking care of Mother Earth. I would like schools to teach sustainability theories along with the usual subjects, like Math, Science and Language. With the youth of Brazil educated on environmental awareness, we our sector of sustainable growth will develop. We must get all citizens involved in protecting the environment, by educating them on the importance of nurturing nature, people and animals. If education begins when the citizens are young, then the reality of an eco-friendly society will be achieved faster.

driellybennettone,miss terra brazil 2011
When asked what is your environmental advocacy, Driely replied, " I think we must have a strong attitude concerning environmental preservation. If we all do our parts, we can change the world. Education and awareness are fundamental. We can start by teaching others about the small things that we can do to help our environment, while also living those lessons out as a role model to the youth. For example, being responsible with how we consume water, wasting less plastic products, walking instead of using cars, etc. These are simple things that everyone can do and if these things are done correctly, our environmental situation will certainly improve."

Driely Bennettone's Profile:

Drielly Araujo Bennettone,profile,Drielly Bennettone

NAME Drielly Araujo Bennettone
AGE 22 years
HEIGHT 184 cm
WEIGHT 59 kg
VITAL STATISTICS (in inches) 36-25.6-37.6
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND A student of Business Administration
AWARDS Miss Earth Brazil 2011

Drielly Bennettone biography,Drielly Bennettone profile,Drielly Bennettone

Driely Bennettone’s Photo Gallery:

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