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Elizabeth Mosquera: Miss International 2010

Elizabeth Mosquera: Miss International 2010 (Miss Venezuela International 2009)

elizabeth mosquera,miss international 2010

A Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder and a model girl, Elizabeth Mosquera has been crowned Miss International 2010 by Anagabriela Espinoza of Mexico (Miss International 2009) at the Sichuan Province Gymnasium in Chengdu, China on November 7, 2010.

In the 50th Miss International 2010 beauty pageant, Elizabeth Mosquera has become the sixth woman from her country to capture the Miss International title.

miss international 2010 winner,Elizabeth Mosquera,ElizabethMosquera

Miss International 2010 1st Runner-up was 22 years old, Piyaporn Deejing from Thailand. While Miss International 2010 2nd Runner-up and Miss Internet 2010 was 20 years old, Yuan Siyi from China.

Piyaporn Deejing,1st Runner-up  Yuan Siyi,2nd Runner-up and  Miss Internet 2010


Lilian Lopesz,MISS NATIONAL COSTUME 2010  Gabriela Palacio,MISS PHOTOGENIC 2010  Zukhriatul Hafizah,MISS FRIENDSHIP 2010

Etsuko Kanagae,MISS ELEGANT 2010 & 3rd RUNNER-UP  Anais Veerapatren,MISS GOODWILL 2010  Krista Eileen Kleiner,MISS EXPRESSIVE 2010

Enrika Trepkute,MISS STATUE 2010  Inna Bezobchuk,MISS GARDEN 2010  Badamtsetseg Batmunkh,MISS ACTIVE 2010

MISS NATIONAL COSTUME 2010Lilian Lopesz (Brazil)
MISS PHOTOGENIC 2010Gabriela Palacio (Mexico)
MISS FRIENDSHIP 2010Zukhriatul Hafizah (Indonesia)
MISS ELEGANT 2010 & 3rd RUNNER-UPEtsuko Kanagae (Japan)
MISS GOODWILL 2010Anais Veerapatren (Mauritius)
MISS EXPRESSIVE 2010Krista Eileen Kleiner (Philippines)
MISS STATUE 2010Enrika Trepkute (Lithuania)
MISS GARDEN 2010Inna Bezobchuk (Ukraine)
MISS ACTIVE 2010Badamtsetseg Batmunkh (Mongolia)

Elizabeth Mosquera's Profile :

Elizabeth Mosquera profile,Elizabeth Mosquera biography,biography

NAMEAna Elizabeth Mosquera Gomez
BIRTH DATE16th March, 1991
BIRTH PLACEValera, Trujulo, Venezuela
AGE20 years
HEIGHT177 cm
(in inches)
HOME TOWNMaracaibo
ACADEMIC BACKGROUNDCivil Engineering at the University of Zulia in Maracaibo
PREVIOUS AWARDSMiss Trujilo 2009
Miss Venezuela International 2009
AWARDSMiss International 2010

Elizabeth Mosquera’s Photo Gallery:

Miss International 2010,Elizabeth Mosquera

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Elizabeth Mosquera bikini,Elizabeth Mosquera swimsuit,Elizabeth Mosquera swimwear

Elizabeth Mosquera hot photo,miss international 2010 winner

Elizabeth Mosquera,Miss Venezuela International 2009,Miss Trujilo 2009

elizabeth mosquera,miss international 2010

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