Monday, November 7, 2011

Glazer Children's Museum

Here we are in Florida
On our way to the Glazer Children's Museum
A new indoor play place in Tampa.
We are with my Best Friend from High School Heather and her Daughter Dolcy
Dolcy is a few months older then Holly and so adorable
The museum was huge and pretty amazing
First off Holly found the water play area
We took about a million pictures on this day
and played for about 6 hours
So I might skip around a bit as the kids would go back and forth between exhibits several times
Here Holly is wearing one of the water Jackets to stay dry
But I was encouraging her to play in other area's first.
This play area was like a little dock
Where the girls could pretend to fish
At our play date was another little girl named Maddy
She just turned two and is the Daughter of Pat Brown a close family friend
This is the Sand area, it was a huge indoor sand box, but it was made of these tiny rubber like pebbles
It looked like sand and you could dig with it
But it was very clean and super soft
It felt great under your feet
The kids really liked playing in it
The Museum had several levels to it
and each sub area had a different theme
This was my favorite section
It was a ginormous climbing structure
Designed like giant leaves and spider webs
The girls were dew drops dripping through the ecosystem
This area was like a play restaurant
This was a cool color dancing game
These were blocks for trains and cars and roadways
The museum had a definite science flare to it
But there was a commercial aspect too, as some exhibits were sponsored by companies
This was a neat construction crane
There were the very heave bags you could use it to lift up
This was a house where you could learn about electricity. It was a little old for the girls
There was plumbing too, you could connect wires and pipes and when they were right it would turn on a light
Here Holly is driving
These were stairs from a sub level, Holly had fun going up and down
These leaves were really neat. There were four entrances to the structure
You could climb up and down depending where you start
here is Holly making an impression on a giant pin cushion
That's a life size Holly
and that's Mommy's hand
So the shopping exhibit was really cool. it was sponsored by Publix
But every item had a bar code on it and you could actually scan them at check out
The register would count the items and tech you a little math and categories
Holly had a blast filling up her cart
This was a health exhibit
I loved this giant puzzle it was three layers deep
It had Veins, Muscles, and Bones depending on which level you were on
There was a Holly sized game of Operation
and some areas for checking your height
This section was sponcered by Outback Steak House and was another resturant
There were tables where you could sit and the kids could "make" wood fire pizzas
This was a neat air flow exhibit
Lots of floating and flying balls going through various tubes
The place was well designed and met the needs of a wide age range
There were a lot of things Holly could access but many she would get even better in two years
This was a little TV Station and it had a cool dance floor
The kids could change the music and the lights and they were being filmed and projected
Holly in particular liked a certain song and would switch back to it whenever it was changed
She really enjoyed the dancing
Here are some Lego's
Holly decided she wanted to Build a tower
It was a chance to slow things down a bit after lots of running around
Maddy kept trying to make the tower crash though
Which Holly was not happy about
Bug she just started over
Then we moved to the giant Lego's
These ones Holly wanted to crash after she built the tower
It was a lot of fun
This is a little house that Holly and Mommy built together
Here Dolcy and Holly are playing with some trains
They were building a track
Here is a Rock Climbing wall
But of course the best climbing was on the leaves
The thing is, it was a little bit of a challenge for Holly
The sirfaces were tilted so it was easy to climb up, but harder to go down
If you tried on one side that was higher then the other her feet didn;t quit touch the ground
She could totally do it laying on her belly it was only a drop of a few inches
But several ties she got scared and didn;t know how to find her way down again
Dolcy was a bit taller and a few times went to help her
a few times I was able to talk her through it, telling her to scoot to one side or another
or maybe to use the side and step on the spider web
But a few times heather had to climb up and rescue her.
The thing was, she liked it so much she wanted to do it over and over again
My mom was worried about how high she was climbing, but it was totally safe
My mom also thought I should keep her away since she kept getting stuck
But I wanted to encourage her to keep trying, and she liked it a lot so I let her
Here is Maddy having some lunch
We all sat for a little while except Holly
She wanted to keep playing and the cafe was near the water
Back in the sand

This is the climbing structure from the ground floor looking up

See how High Holly is?

The water area had some tubes and pipes
It also had some tracks and balls
Here is Holly and Dolcy playing in a boat
and here the girls are fishing

At the end of the day I went ahead and changed Holly into her bathing suit
so she could get as wet as she wanted

This was a little room that had a light and a glow board, but it was giant, the whole wall
and here Holly is looking through a kaleidoscope with Oma
Holly was so curious and wanted to explore everything
Isn't it neat how these blocks look like buildings
This was a lot of fun, we built an Arc
Holly brough me all of the blocks and I helped hold them up as she stacked them
She was so excited when she finished it and it stood all on its own
Look how pretty this Rainbow is
This play house had cool tiles you could use to build the wall or the ground
There was a little garden out front
We had a wonderful time with out friends

Here we are climbing again
We stayed till the Museum was closing and they had a little parade
A great way to get everyone out from upstairs and back towards the entrance
The girls marched and waved there streamers
Out front there was neat fountains
The weather wasn;t that warm, and it had just rained, but the girls wanted to play so bad
Dolcy went in fully clothed and had the best time ever
We all had a blast
It was a great day and we were all tired
I definitely hope to go back again next time we visit

Here is Holly hugging her friends goodbye
First Dolcy and then Maddy, Thanks girls for spending the day with us.

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