Friday, November 4, 2011

Hanging Around in Florida

Here are some pictures from Oma and Opa's house
Holly giving Opa a hug
Having some frozen yogurt while out shopping
Here she is hanging out with Ruth
Reading a book
Here is Holly with Auntie Marilyn
Aren't they so cute together
Holly says Hooray
It was really great that she got a chance to spend time with my dad's sister
Most of the time Marilyn is in Georgia and she just got a house up there
But she happened to be visiting the same time as we were
Here is Holly playing with Pyro
He was wearing a t-shirt because he had an owie on his belly
Here is Holly in the car
And here we are visiting Opa's train house
Holly and Oma are peaking out at us
Here we are at the other house, Holly is inspecting the swing
When she looked up close she saw a little lizard
Hugging Pyro was a favorite daily activity
Here Holly is pulling around her toys in her suitcase
And here she is having breakfast with Oma, Yummy yogurt
Playing with her iPod Touch during one of our car trips
Playing with a toy car
Playing dress-up. We had a wonderful visit even just hanging around
Little Tinkerbell! It was a fun trip

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