Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holy Terror!

I want to punch Frank Miller.  Yeah, I know, a lot of people want to punch Frank Miller.  I don't hate Frank Miller, I honestly don't.  I know I give him a whole lot of stick, but he deserves it.  It's his own fault.  Along with Alan Moore and Jim Lee, Frank Miller was one of the most important figures in modern comics.  Frank was a big old giant crazy man stomping across the funny books landscape, a brillant monster, Frank kicked arse, Frank was a fucking legend.  And then, something happened.  I don't know what, but I know that, at some point, Frank became a joke. And not even a very funny joke, at that.

Holy Terror is a terrible book.  It's awful.  It's badly written, it's badly drawn.  It's redneck Batman fanfic, dashed out between drinks by a madman.

I want to punch Frank Miller, and tell him to start acting like the genious he's supposed to be.  I want to punch him, and tell him to stop making shit things.  I know that he is capable of producing great comics.

Don't buy this book.  It is a hateful thing.  Don't encourage him.

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