Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kerry McNiven, An Australian Woman, Sentenced 7-year Jail for Burning Gary Stewart to Death

Gary Stewart ... Burnt Alive by Kerry McNiven
MELBOURNE, Australia – Kerry McNiven, an Australian woman who killed a man by pouring gasoline over him, has been awarded a 7-year jail term on Tuesday by Victoria State Supreme Court.

Reportedly, the victim Gary Stewart fondled the breast of McNiven during a party in 2009 at city of Wangaratta, Victoria. Many people, present in the party, had witnessed the incident.

When McNiven was told about the incident she poured gasoline over Stewart in revenge, who caught fire and later died from his burns. It is still unclear that how the fire was ignited?? The judge says Stewart or someone nearby may have been smoking.

McNiven will be eligible for parole in two years.

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