Friday, November 4, 2011

Liza Elly Purnamasari: Miss Earth Indonesia 2011

Liza Elly Purnamasari: Miss Earth Indonesia 2011-Puteri Indonesia 2011

22-year-old Liza Elly Purnamasari representative from East Java has been named as a first runner-up of Miss Puteri Indonesia 2011.

liza elly purnamasari,Miss Earth Indonesia 2011

Liza Elly also crowned Miss Environment and she will compete in Miss Earth 2011 at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011. Puteri Indonesia 2011 beauty pageant held in the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday night 7th October 2011.

puteri indonesia 2011 winners

Maria Selena representatives from Central Java has been crowned Miss Indonesia 2011 and she will represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2012. while Andi Tenri Wrestling Hanum Utari Natassa (South Sulawesi) is a second runner-up who is crowned Miss Tourism Princess who will compete at Miss Asia Pacific World 2012.

Liza Elly Purnamasari,Puteri Indonesia 2011


Puteri Indonesia 2011
(Miss Universe Indonesia 2012)
Maria Selena (Central Java)
(Miss Earth Indonesia 2011)
Liza Elly Purnamasari (East Java)
(Miss Asia Pacific World 2012)
Andi Tenri Gusti Hanum Utari Natassa (South Sulawesi)
THIRD RUNNER-UP Sabrina Chairunissa (North Sumatra)
FOURTH RUNNER-UP Dinda Rizky Hutari (Yogyakarta Special Region)

Liza Elly Purnamasari,miss indonesia lingkungan 2011

Liza Elly Purnamasari's Profile:

Liza Elly profile,Liza Elly biography,Liza Elly Purnamasari profile

NAMELiza Elly Purnamasari
AGE22 years
HEIGHT175 cm
COLLEGEStudying Marketing Communication at STIKOM
The London School of Public Relations-Jakarta
FAVOURITE MUSICThe Beatles and Mr. Big
AWARDSMiss Earth Indonesia 2011, Miss Environment

Liza Elly Purnamasari,javwa timur

Liza Elly Purnamasari’s Photo Gallery:

Liza Elly photo gallery,Liza Elly photoes
Liza Purnamasari,hoto photoes
Liza Elly Purnamasari,puteri indonesia 2011
LizaEllyPurnamasari,puteri indonesia 2011
miss earth indonesia 2011,Liza Elly Purnamasari
Liza Elly,miss earth indonesia 2011
Liza Elly pics
Liza EllyPurnamasari,LizaElly Purnamasari,miss earth indonesia 2011
miss earth indonesia 2011,first runner-up,Liza Elly
puteri indonesia 2011,LizaEllyPurnamasari
puteri indonesia 2011,Liza Elly Purnamasari
puteri indonesia 2011 Liza Elly
miss earth indonesia 2011,LizaElly
miss earth indonesia 2011,Liza Elly Purnamasari
Liza Elly Purnamasari photo gallery
Liza Elly miss earth indonesia 2011,Liza Purnamasari
Liza Elly Purnamasari,miss earth indonesia 2011

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