Saturday, November 5, 2011

Many of crazy world contents on

I don't know what should i write on this article, yesterday i search some of my article on google and i found that many of my original written article here on was copied by, almost all of my article are there without backlinks or mentioning the source. If he/she only copy one or two article maybe it's not a big problem, but if he/she copy most of my content?? what can i say? He didn't change the title and also the content which means he/she copy the whole content.

I've try to look the Whois contact of but it seems that the admin has protect the whois data of So what should i do?

Yeah i know internet provide so many copy paste article, but it's too much that i found almost all of my original article on his site. such as the Ritz Carlton First Hotel in Saudi Arabia, , Platinum Ambulance Service and many more. if i count it it would be more than 20 articles.

Sorry for updating this kind of articles on crazy world..

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