Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ruby's Birthday Party - 8/21/11

Happy Birthday Ruby!
Thank you for inviting us to your party, we had so much fun.
It was lovely to play with you and all our friends at your house
Here Holly is dressing up like a little fairy
You have beautiful wings
And your TooDee cutout was so cool
Its always fun to explore a new space
And especially someone else's toys
Look its Muno, how fun that they came to your party too
We loved all of the Balloons
The ribbons were fun to pull on
Holly enjoyed playing with your inch worm
Its too bad we don;t get to see Ruby as often as we would like
Now that School has started and the weekends are so busy its difficult to find time to get together
Holly really had fun getting to pull and experiment with all the floating balloons
Purple is one of her favorite colors
You had lots of yummy snacks to share at your party
and we even got to go outside to play some games
Here is Holly and Ruby collecting some pretty stones
Chloe was at your Birthday party too.
Of course if there is water Holly is sure to find it
The fishing game was really neat
Here is a little hideout
Its nice to have a quiet place to get away from the crowd
These are some pretty marbles
They are so shiny
Here is Ruby with her Daddy. It was a long afternoon
Everyone was getting a little tired
Soon it will be time to sing you a Happy Birthday song
and of course eat some cake
Thanks for including us in your special day.

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