Saturday, November 5, 2011

Target Playdate with Sara

Today we met with Sara to do some shopping at Target. The girls found some fancy Holiday dresses that they insisted were princess dresses

We let them try them on to play and shop. As we were browsing they found some nutcrackers. First Holly pulled out a pirate one, then she found a princess ballet one.

The girls made themselves right at home. They found two little chairs and pulled them into the Isle, then with Tita Isabel's help found a table and some glasses to set up a little tea party.

They were delighted. They played, and later ran around dancing and hiding under the cloths rack's to play hide and seek. All amazingly fun stuff that proper Daddy's would never approve of. It was wonderful play.

Here is a video of the two girls dancing for a moment and singing before running off to hide.

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