Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tattoo: The rising fad

No doubt, tattoo has been around for a long time but what amazes me is the emerging craze for it among most celebrities and some fashion freak.

Recently, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike added the 58th tattoo to her collection when she travelled to the United States. It is the tattoo of an enigmatic long haired woman with a flower in her hair, who seems to be holding a bruised and battered heart; this raised a lot of eye brows.

A number of people have used tattoo to design the initial of the lover on their most sacred part, some simple design image of their pet, just in line of fashion or accentuating their intimacy with such image.

Tattoo, though was initially traced to our forefathers, when it was used to inscribe the initials of family name as a way of identification in the time of intra-tribal war. It later turn to fashion among young ladies in those day, but eventually the fad faded out at the break of 20th century.

Today, many youths are crazy about tattoos especially if their role models have one, two or more. The return of tattoo as a fashion statement across the globe is creating a new phenomenon and controversy among fashion icons and religion groups, both view it from different angles.

Everyone with tattoo has one special reason or the other for the design; however, I ask myself what triggered this rising fad?

 While some people say it is fashion others say it is sin.

What do you readers think?

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