Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VIDEO: LOT Flight From U.S. to Poland Carrying 230 Passengers Crash Landed at Chopin Airport Warsaw

WARSAW, Poland (Nov. 01) – Breaking News: A troubling landing gear of Boeing 767 forced it for an emergency landing at the Polish capital city of Warsaw on Tuesday.

Boeing 767 Carrying 230 Passengers Crash Landed at Chopin Airport, Warsaw, Poland
Reportedly, a flight of Polish flag carrier LOT from New York to Warsaw carrying 230 passengers, including crew, was crash landed on the Chopin Airport after the pilot reported a problem in landing gear operation.

No immediate reports are available about any damages; while the TV footage showing the plane touching the ground without landing gear in place. The plane slid a long way along the runway on its belly before stopping eventually. The airport's emergency team then quenched a small fire broken out as a result of crash landing, TVN24 reports.

Leszek Chorzewski, the spokesman for LOT, the Polish airline that operated the flight, said none of the passengers was injured. The plane landed on its belly without its wheels.

Passengers could be seen fleeing the plane. The airport has been closed until 8 a.m. on Wednesday. 

Reportedly, the plane had dropped fuel and looped above the city for some time and in the mean time Warsaw airport shut down to all other flights. Nearby streets were also get cleared, and a landing strip was especially prepared at the airport for the crash landing.

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