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Andi Tenri Natassa: Miss Asia Pacific World Indonesia 2012

Andi Tenri Natassa: Miss Asia Pacific World Indonesia 2012 (Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 contestant)

Puteri Indonesia 2011 is also known as Miss Indonesia 2011.

In the event the representative of South Sulawesi, Andi Tenri has been awarded Miss Indonesia 2011 Second Runner-up (Miss Indonesia Asia Pacific) and she will represent Indonesia at Miss Asia Pacific World 2012.

Natassa also won other three titles Miss Talent, Miss Favorite and Miss Tourism.

Andi Tenri Natassa,Andi Tenri,Natassa

Andy Natassa precisely expressed its readiness to represent Indonesia in the arena of world level. According to her, the victory cannot be symbolized by the position of one, two, or three, but rather to address the victory every day.

Natassa said, "I was not disappointed and ready to represent the nation in the event the next election, at the international level.

Maria Selena,Liza Eilly,miss indonesia 2011

Maria Selena representatives from Central Java has been crowned Miss Indonesia 2011 and she will represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2012. While Liza Eilly Purnamasari (East Java) is a first runner-up who is crowned Miss Environment and she will compete in Miss Earth 2011 at Manila, Philippines on 3rd December, 2011.


Puteri Indonesia 2011
(Miss Universe Indonesia 2012)
Maria Selena (Central Java)
(Miss International Indonesia 2012)
Liza Elly Purnamasari (East Java)
(Miss Asia Pacific World 2012)
Andi Tenri Gusti Hanum Utari Natassa (South Sulawesi)
THIRD RUNNER-UP Sabrina Chairunissa (North Sumatra)
FOURTH RUNNER-UP Dinda Rizky Hutari (Yogyakarta Special Region)


MISS TALENT Andi Tenri Natassa (south Sulawesi)
Miss Favorite Andi Tenri Natassa (south Sulawesi)
Miss Congeniality Herllyn Paula Mambai (Papua)

Favorite Islands' Princesses:

Favorite Princess of Sumatera Nur Rahma Umami
(Bangka-Belitung Islands)
Favorite Princess of Java Rahajeng Sekar Putri (Banten)
Favorite Princess of Lesser
Anak Agung Istri Karina Manik (Bali)
Favorite Princess of Kalimantan Ninggar Ayu Neswari (South Kalimantan)
Favorite Princess of Sulawesi Rizky Fitriyani Rustam (Southeast Sulawesi)
Favorite Princess of Eastern
Audry Gabrielle Marsha Tentua (Maluku)

Miss Intelligence: Scholarship Award

Miss Intelligence I Asri Silva Shorea (East Kalimantan)
Miss Intelligence II Annisa Putri Ayudya (Jakarta Special Capital Region 2)
Miss Intelligence III Rizky Fitriyani Rustam (Southeast Sulawesi)

Andi Tenri Natassa's Profile :

Miss Asia Pacific World Indonesia 2012,Miss Asia Pacific World 2012

NAME Andi Tenri Gusti Hanum Utari Natassa
AGE 19 years
HEIGHT 171 cm
WEIGHT 52 kg
COUNTRY Indonesia
LANGUAGES English, German & Indonesian
EDUCATION the third semester student majoring in International Business Administration at Swiss German University.
AWARDS Miss Asia Pacific World Indonesia 2012, Miss Talent, Miss Favorite and Miss Tourism

andi tenri natassa photo,andi tenri photo,andi natassa photo

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andi tenri natassa, miss asia pacific world indonesia 2012,miss asia pacific world 2012 contestant

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