Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disney On Ice

Here we are sitting in traffic on our way to the Oakland Arena, there was an Raider's Game
Holly was starting to get Anxious with the anticipation of going to the show and sitting in the car
We made it to the seat, though it wasn't easy. We sat for 30 minutes driving the last mile
Then we parked three lots away for 25$ and had to wait another almost 30 minutes for a shuttle bus
Then we had to talk into the arena, all the while Holly telling me she wanted to go home
But the motivation of seeing Chloe inside kept her walking until we got to the ticket station inside
It was busy and crowded so we put on her headphones (I can prepared this time) and began walking
Finally we found our section, and she spotted a Tinkerbell wand I thought would cheer her up.
It did, but only until we got to the doorway then the crying really began.
I took her Blanket and put it over her head and picked her up. I had to walk down about 50 stairs
Carrying a 37lb Toddler Crying as well as a Diaper Bag, and then across an Aisle of about 20 people
She was still crying and I made her a bottle of Chocolate milk and handed it to her under the blanket.
All these were things we had been practicing over and over, "What do you do if it's too loud?"
"Put on my headphones" And "What do you do if it is too scary", "Hide under Blankie"
They pushed the start of the show about 15 minutes due to the traffic and a pre show began
Just as I gave her the Chocolate Milk. I told her to Peak, that's the picture above.
In less then 2 minutes the crying stopped and she was watching and pointing. Five Minutes later Chloe arrived
She was Happy as Pie! First they did an Alice in Wonderland segment
She told me all about playing musical chairs with Alice while she watched enthralled.
But the next segment was really special, it was Peter Pan and Wendy with Tinkerbell.
She was so cute watching, leaning forward in her seat so excited so happy
She loved watching Tinkerbell fly through the air with Peter Pan
Captain Hook Captures the Lost Boys and Wendy and Peter has to Rescue them
She was a little Awe Struck, though she did ask me where the other fairies were.
I had to tell them they were back at Pixie Hollow getting ready for Fall
She waved her Tinkerbell wand and clapped just when she was supposed too.
Then she told me Mommy, see I am clapping just like Chloe. It was really cute
At Intermission she wanted to dance and go see Tinkerbell, But she waited patiently
The next segment was Lion King. I loved this segment its one of my favorite movies
I thought the Buffalo herd was beautiful though a tiny bit scary
Holly liked it but got a little board, she hasn't seen the movie yet, she is more interested in Princesses
The ice skating was also lovely, Sometimes i would forget they were ice Skating at all
Getting into the narrative and the costumes and watching Holly
But then they would do a Duet with some lifts and Spins and it was simply amazing
Holly doesn't quite get what Ice Skating is, so she basically thought they were dancing and doing ballet
Here is Mickey and the Gang. They came on for little transitions introducing the various stories
Holly was super ready for the next section, they needed no introduction at all
"High Hoeee, High Hoeee, it's off to work we go!"
She was so excited to see the seven dwarfs, she named them all pointing as they each skated by.
She clapped when Snow White Appeared and was having a great time.
As they sang the songs and danced Holly would watch intently.
Sometimes she would tell me a part of the story or she would point at a character
Explaining what was happening or what was about to happen. She told Snow White,
"No, Don't eat the apple" and when the prince came to wake her, she said they are "Happily Ever After"
The next section was Alladin, which she of course immediately asked me, "Where's Jasmine"
The first half of the show had two rather long stories, so I was worried they wouldn't fit much
In the second half of the show, but to my surprise and delight they had several smaller and condensed stories
Quickly Alladin Wished to be a prince and arrived at the Castle in Style
Holly was thrilled to see an Elephant on the stage, excited to watch it all unfold
Then there was the Magic Carpet and Alladin and Jasmin flew together
Of course they also had there beautiful Duet Dance together.
The next Segment was the Little Mermaid
Sebastiaion came right up to our side of the stage to sing to us.
The fish and underwater scene was really pretty.
Holly and Chloe were of course excited to see Ariel
She wore her Headphones for the entire show, I tried a few times to take them off
But she said no, and held them back on really tight, so after a while I gave up. But she could totally hear
This is Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. A Little girl from the audience is helping them launch a lanturn
They also did a beautiful dance together, holly loved watching all the "Ballet"
The lanturns floating throught the sky were really pretty and Holly pointed saying "look Look" when they were lit.
Here are Mickey and Mini
Holly liked seeing them too and noted their costume changes
Then of course she clapped and was excited to see Tiana
It was a really cute jazzy little segment, a little faster paced
Here Holly is showing me her happy face when I asked her if she was having fun
The last segment was one of her favorites because it was all of the princesses
She would point and shout, there's Bell, and Aurora, and Cinderella, and Mulan
There were some small little Fireworks which she actually really liked
Here is the Finale, all the Princes and Princesses together
They swept across the entire stage waving goodbye to everyone
and Climbed the stairs to the Castle and then it was over.
Holly and Chloe were not really convinced and wanted to go and find them
We waited a few minutes for the arena to clear out a bit
Holly was showing Chloe her pretty wand, She was calling it her Septer
Then Eric had the great idea to walk down to the bottom and out through the tunnel
Sadly we spent quite a while wandering around the back stage hallways trying to find out way out.
The girls were convinced we minght find the princesses or in Holly's case the missing Fairies
I was happy to find the exit and make our way out.
Here are our two little princesses. We had a wonderful time. I was so proud of Holly
We said goodbye and made our way to the shuttle bus line.
It was late and Mommy was super hungry so after we made it to the car and home
We picked up Daddy and headed out to a resturant for some Yummy dinner
Holly then got to tell Daddy all about the entire show. We were so Proud!

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