Monday, October 31, 2011

New Jersey school closings and delays

New Jersey school closings and delays
At the meeting of the Board of education said Oliver Sicat, new officer’s portfolio Chief of the district there is a correlation between the evil performance schools and used in school buildings. CPS officials said rely on school performance as the most important factor in determining which schools to review in depth, but also use facilities will be taken into account.

Officials of the public schools of Chicago the first public Wednesday to what may come in December when they decide which schools will be closed, consolidated or return.

“It could mean that our parents are voting with their feet,” said Sicat.

New Jersey school closings and delays
A school of “level of performance” is narrated by a complex calculation that State-based measures of student growth test scores points, and they have indexes of presence, among other factors. The low range, level 3 is for schools in the district, which are related to poor performance has been on trial. Most of the schools of CPS in process focuses on the city of West and South sides, where buildings were also used high low, according to Sicat.

Chicago teachers Union President Karen Lewis rejected the presentation as an attempt by a softer Sicat for annual reviews of school always controversial receiver.

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