Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke to float 'Untamed Closet' clothing line

Nollywood actor and fashion bloke, Jim Iyke would soon be launching his clothing line called Untamed Closet.

We gathered that the line would cater for the teens (boys and girls), adults (men and women) and corporate world (Black Label)

These are not random pieces with the Untamed Closet logo, instead each piece has been conceptualized and created in collaboration with Jim Iyke for the clothing brand.

Jim modeled as the face of Black Label, which is the high end line for men’s suits, along with several other New York models for the teen line boys/girls, and the female line.
 A multi-million naira building has been acquired to serve as their main store location/headquarters. The official launch will be announced pretty soon and would sure take place in Abuja.

Well done Jim. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!!

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