Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Results of Fox News Poll on 'Occupy Wall Street' Surprised the Network -- 70% Support the OWS Movement

NEW YORKDo 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represents Your Views of Economy?

Results of Fox News Poll on 'Occupy Wall Street' Surprised the Network 
This is the title of a poll currently running on a website of FOX News. The latest and updated results, shown in screen shot above, are quite surprising for the FOX News network which is believed to be against the OWS movement and had not covered it as much as it has the intensity to penetrate and spread around the globe.  


The results show that more than 69% (136,5723 votes) answered the question asked as "YES", means they agree with the OWS movement; while only 27.47 % (54,255 votes) ticked the answer "NO".


Less than 3% of the participants are not sure whether the OWS movement represents their views on economy.

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