Monday, November 7, 2011

'My family thinks I arranged my best friend for my father to marry'

“Wuraola, please tell everyone to meet me in the living room. I have an important announcement to make,” said my father.
Quickly, I ran to deliver the message to my mother, stepmother and siblings and in less than five minutes, everyone was seated and waiting for this very important announcement. 

“As the head of this family, I have made a decision which all of you may frown at but it doesn’t matter anyway because it is what I want. I have decided to take a third wife,” he revealed. We were all quiet and shocked because no one expected my dad to make such an announcement.
“Dear, what do you need a third wife for? Don’t my senior and I satisfy you anymore? Have we done anything wrong? After all, you promised not to take another wife, so, what prompted this decision?” my mother asked.

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