Monday, November 7, 2011

Public Opinion About the Implementation of Government Policy on Education

Day Saso Chairman of the Parliament welcomes the presence of Malang Regency Government Regulation No. 66 of 2010 which gives the feel of cool for Indonesian citizens who have adequate academic abilities but limited economic circumstances.

To the man known for Media Education is close to this reporter mentioned the need to be restrictions on the intended meaning of economic limitations. "I think they should be only too well the poor to obtain secondary education facilities and higher education as intended in this government regulation." He explained.

While Drs Anwar H Purnomo as Chairman of Commission B in charge of education, said that the need of making local regulation to strengthen the economic limitations or poor categories. "Thus every poor card holders will get to enjoy the full guarantee of free education at various levels of education." He said on Media Education.

Furthermore politician from the Golkar Party states that do not let this be a reason for the community groups are able to participate in the economic field as the society participate confess that has limited the economy or the poor.

Opinion of Abdul Wahab, former seamstress said that in their children at school during this he could only breast stroke, but with this new policy can only say alhmadulillah.

H Samsul a private chauffeur said that with this new policy will increasingly make people more eager to spur their children study harder in order to enjoy a better education for their future.

Similarly, the opinion of Suparlan entrepreneurs engaged in the electrical installation is very supportive of government policies that benefit small communities or "little people", whatever the form of executing his will hopefully not too far from what what has become the central government's decision.

Sutrisno a cigarette seller said that government policy on education is worth a thumbs up, because it shows the government lost interest provides an opportunity for low-income people to be able to enjoy the fruits of development in education. "Thank God, once again alhmadulillahi robbil alamin." He said with great hope.

KH Abdul Qodir Abuamar a preacher who often hold recitals to this neighboring country when informed of government policies as stipulated in Government Regulation No. 66 of 2010 was told that it was time the government take notice and give opportunities to people who have financial limitations but have sufficient academic ability to obtain a better education and higher.

And this ought to be grateful because it is Allah's blessings given to all nations and citizens of Indonesia. "Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, hopefully the government will obtain the blessing of Allah SWT for convenience and the opportunity has been given to this small community." He concluded.

And im agree with them because this implementation of Government Policy on Education really help people with low income.

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