Monday, November 7, 2011

Responses about corruption

Many people assumed that the alleged corruption committed by the former congregational council year period 1999-2004, is one of destruction. People consider that the investigation of this case, should continue sustained, and continues until the top-level investigation.

One of the people of the village Umbulrejo, Ponjong, Kasno said that with news of the 32 council members who lodged the case of corruption, he said, Kejari parties must continue to dismantle, to its conclusion.According to his statement, representatives of the people should be populist, not to deceive people.

"I am a farmer, the rice fields, seen a case like that, really should be followed up according to legal procedures," he told the Tribune Jogja, Friday (08/05/2011).
In fact, he considered Kejari pretty good step, because it can uncover the facts and finally mentapkan to 32 former members of the council as a suspect. In fact, he considered, if indeed proven corrupt, according to the provisions of the law, they have to go jail.

"Unloading continues, so that corruption in Indonesia does not destroy the country," he continued.

Lecturer separate social sciences, University of Gunungkidul (UGK) A Madyana Pat, just to see this phenomenon occurring, is a form of collusion or conspiracy between Sekwan and chairman of the Board, and members. He just saw that there is a pattern that is in the management structure of the Council on Gunungkidul. Not only that, as a step forward, to see such phenomena, should later on in the bureaucrat Council in the future, there should be transparency.

In my opinion, has become a phenomenon and patterned, did not rule out the practice also occurs in the new board, just all now based on the law, let settled law.

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