Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mariah Yeater Pics Revealed with Unlikely Justin Bieber Paternity Team: EXCLUSIVE

Mariah Yeater Pics Revealed with Unlikely Justin Bieber Paternity Team: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Mariah Yeater pics revealed today in the Justin Bieber case were followed with revelations about Yeater’s unusual attorney choices for her paternity dispute. Mariah Yeater is seeking sole legal and physical custody of the alleged Justin Bieber’s love child, LALATE can exclusively report. But for her paternity dispute, Mariah Yeater has retained a “nationally recognized expert” on “TV signal privacy” cases, and a “pioneer in medical marijuana law”. Neither attorney list on their websites family law as among their practice areas.

Mariah Yeater pictures released online today depict a woman covered in plastic wrap in some pictures and striking unusual facial poses in other pictures. Yeater by early morning had no Facebook nor Twitter account; yet by afternoon, multiple fake Mariah Yeater Facebook and Twitter accounts had been established.
Yeater is a 20 year old resident of San Diego County, LALATE exclusively revealed earlier today. While her claims prompted skepticism from some, pictures of her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater prompted belief from others.
While Justin Bieber has yet to indicate who will represent him in the paternity suit, Mariah Yeater has retained two San Diego County based attorneys, LALATE can exclusively report. The first lists four practice areas of work, none of which have anything to do with paternity or family law (“criminal defense”, “civil litigation”, “asset forfeiture” and “small business representation”) but rather work as a “local trial attorney and a pioneer in medical marijuana law, specializing in presenting the Individual and Collective Medical Marijuana Defenses.”
The other attorney claims to be “one only attorneys in the country who specializes in defending television signal piracy cases.” He also lists “personal injury cases” among his practice areas, LALATE can report.

Yeater has asked for a fee waiver of all court costs in the matter. The case has been assigned to the South Bay Division of the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego. As reported first on LALATE, Mariah Yeater is a resident of San Diego County, her son was born in and still resides within the County.
And while she is asking for a waiver of court costs, Mariah Yeater is also asking that the court award her attorney fees (payable by Justin Bieber) and her legal costs, LALATE can exclusively report. She lists the attorney’s fee rate as $300 per hour. Yeater doesn’t not specify the exact the amount for child support that she is seeking from Justin Bieber. But she is asking that he “provide adequate support for the baby.”

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