Friday, November 4, 2011

Respect Simoncelli, Capirossi wear 58 in last racing

Valencia - Valencia MotoGP series will be the final race for Loris Capirossi. Instead of wearing the number 65 which have become his trademark, he chose to wear the number 58's Marco Simoncelli.

After the race at Valencia, Capirossi will retire. He would close the long journey for about 22 years in motor racing that has made ​​his name.

However, in his last race, he would likely abandon its flagship number, 65. As a tribute to Simoncelli, who died some time ago in Malaysia, the Italian rider will wear the number 58 belongs to Simoncelli.

"The situation is peculiar to all people. We are all here and we try to never forget Marco - this is really important because it is part of our life and always try to do my best," said Capirossi cited Crash.

"For that, I wanted to keep his honor and I want to wear his number 58 on my bike for this race. I really hope he is happy with this and hopefully I can achieve the same results with him," he added.

"I will do my best for him and after this race I of course will retire as planned. I am happy, because after 22 seasons, this is a good time to quit. There are many great riders and great for doing anything else," said Capirossi.

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